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    what better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of armistice than with boston funk legend Prince Charles
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  • Tell me more about Blowfish: Boston Groupie News
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    Two different programs at 7:00 and 9:30pm
    In the new book BUY ME, BOSTON, advertising oddities and flyers for long-gone businesses, punk bands, film screenings, hip-hop acts, strip clubs, and tourist attractions swim next to each other in a glorious stream-of-consciousness visual tour through late 20th Century Boston. To celebrate the release, author Brian Coleman has a truly unique night planned for us.

    At 7:00pm Coleman will present a curated slide show of pieces from the book and beyond, including an hour of rare video footage. This will be followed by a panel featuring David Bieber (The David Bieber Archives), Prince Charles Alexander (musician, producer, engineer), Blowfish (Boston Groupie News), and Dart Adams (acclaimed local journalist & historian).

    The 9:30pm program will feature over an hour of completely different video clips from Boston’s musical past, and Coleman will present another slide show of material from the book and beyond.

    Tickets for this special event are $10 each or $15 for a double feature ticket allowing entry into both shows.
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    Brian is doing it again on April 11th at the Coolidge

    no word if Prince Charles will be there this time
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    Ranging from MTV / V66-style music videos by Boston artists to local access & talk show oddities, and long-forgotten TV commercials from the 1960s – 1980s, each presentation of the Buy Me, Boston Video Loft will be unique, with quick intros for each segment made on-stage by author / curator Brian Coleman, alongside invited guests.

    Coolidge Corner Theatre
    Thursday, April 11, 7 pm [90 minutes of unique video content]
    290 Harvard Street, Brookline
    $13 general public / $10 for Coolidge Corner Theatre members
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