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RitzyRitzy Fattleboro
Here it is

Tues 10/23 @ Cold Spring Hollow: Grease Release (me and Poacher Tim on turntables, Sean Double Dragon Fennessey on horn) w/Blind Date, Jacob Winians, Jackson/Pratt, Scald Hymn, and the ever present snack table

Wed 11/7 @ Machines w Magnets: Heavy Sigh (me and Mark Cetilia) w/Jeff Carey, Bob Bellerue, Adam Morosky + Asha Sheshadri

Fri 11/16 @ Cold Spring Hollow: Donna Parker, Limbs Bin, more tba, snack table confirmed

Tues 11/20 @ Thee Eldritch: Golden Shores (me on turntable, Dan Boucher on pedals) w/ Bromp Treb, Early Shinada, Blue Shift
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  • Cold Spring Hollow is in Belchertown, yes?
  • SchwarzdoodSchwarzdood is cool
    edited October 2018
    Mary assumes that all us old farts know where these places are.
  • RitzyRitzy Fattleboro
    Cold Spring is in Belchertown, Machines and Eldritch are in PVD
  • RitzyRitzy Fattleboro

    This is 2/3s of Grease Release (horn not pictured, Sean was probably off peeing in a sink or something) and it is my favorite project. I think about it constantly. Tim and I started playing each other's turntables- think big pieces of metal stretched across both, resting on different points to make different pitches. Sean's horn playing is heavily influenced by Greg Kelley and notes are really... not important. We have a communal metal pile. It is all acoustic. We've been practicing for a month and it's either going to be a total shitshow or improv magic.
  • RitzyRitzy Fattleboro

    This is Golden Shores. Dan takes everything I do with the turntables and feeds it through his pedal chain making it three dimensional. One turntable is for scrap metal; the other is for records, mostly Voice O Grams. I'm so oblivious that I didn't even realize until last practice that virtually all of Dan's source sound is me; it's crazy what he can do with it. We're very into structure, it's the opposite of Grease Release.
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    when does ROBOTVOICE begin tour
  • I googled Belchertown to see if it was a real place.
  • loafyloafy Pleasury Secretary
    my cousin John is director of planning for the town of Belchertown
  • Don't be an Athol.
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    loafy said:

    when does ROBOTVOICE begin tour

  • RitzyRitzy Fattleboro
    Nov 30th at Cold Spring Hollow- me & Vic, TVE, I forget who else

    Dec 1st at Distant Castle, Worcester - me & Vic, TVE, Peter Seigelman, someone else I forget I deleted Facebook

    Dec 5th at News Cafe Pawtucket- Far Corners, Golden Shores, Infrastructure Rot, Domestique

    Dec 13th at News Cafe Pawtucket- Grease Release, Le Feeling, MonArk. Ammo, Lasuje

    Dec 14th at ah crap I guess I have to reinstall Facebook, Worcester- Stab Stab Stab (me, Seamus, Abdul).... I don't know who else is playing this either

    Dec 15th Hancock Tower, Non Event fundraiser- Mary Staubitz/Tim Johnson turntable duo

    Dec 18th Bromfield Gallery Boston - Trash Ensemble (me and Tim turntables, Sean Fennessy horn, Seamus... whatever he comes up with probably broken tape players, Vic Rawlings metal cello)
  • You're apparently playing on 3/31 at "C.H." whatever the f that is:
  • loafyloafy Pleasury Secretary
    Mary tried to make me join instagram :'(
  • loafyloafy Pleasury Secretary
    weth said:

    You're apparently playing on 3/31 at "C.H." whatever the f that is:
  • RitzyRitzy Fattleboro
    Playing at WSAC Friday
  • loafyloafy Pleasury Secretary
    I'll bring the Funny Bones
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