Who... loves... TRIVIA???

Because I am just totally this cool guy, I play in an invite-only online trivia league called LearnedLeague. It's often pretty hard but fun. It's basically like difficult bar trivia except not in teams, you don't have to go anywhere or talk to anybody, and nobody has to know how drunk you are. You can see a random assortment of sample questions here. You can read an intensely dorky newspaper article about it here. There's a FAQ here. You can play for free for one season and then if you want to keep playing you have to send the dude twenty-five bucks.

Anyhow, I have a couple of invites for the season coming up, and it occurred to me that there might be people I know on here who are just the sort of nerds who'd get a kick out of it. The only rules, or at least the big two rules, are that if you play you absolutely can not cheat by googling or looking things up on the internet -- it's all honor system -- and that you can't forfeit -- you have to play every weekday -- during the season. If you do these things you bring shame on me, your referrer, and also my descendants for lo unto a thousand generations.

If any of you are into it, ideally but not necessarily somebody I've met in person, hit me up.


  • I am tempted by this.
  • I am tempted by this.

    Yeah I'll look more into this later.
  • I should add since it's come up that you're only answering six questions a day during the season and it takes very little time. I usually answer them before getting out of bed in the morning.
  • I'm ready to start answering questions when do I get my questions
  • Not until August 25th. You should be able to go through all the old ones pretty soon, though.
  • loafyloafy Pleasury Secretary

    I'm ready to start answering questions when do I get my questions

    ok here's one: what stinks?
  • Magnetic Fields?
    loafydr. tfunkin
  • is this a trivia question?
  • Okay ones I got wrong:

    3. "pie"
    6. "bacon"
    7. "witch hazel"
    8. "mountaintops"
    11. "pfizer"
    13. "baroque"
    14. "massachusetts"
    15. "no clue"

    So like half wrong.
  • yeah okay, I'll play.

    Do you feel like you learn something from these quizzes?
  • add me on sporcle; my name is pissiechrissie there.
  • chrissie said:

    yeah okay, I'll play

    I have one invite left after melsh took the plunge. PM me the email you want me to invite at. And, I guess, your real name. AND NO CHEATING NOR FORFEITING, YOU HEAR.

    Also, the sample questions are random so I dunno what the right answers were. I feel good about your answers, though.
  • I think on the one days, I did best at the Monkees.
  • I did like halfway okay on the "middle school books;" I got one right on the weird animals (the parasitic tongue one). I did not touch quantum.
  • Also, question, how do they figure out you're cheating?
    I'm not planning on cheating but does it like do some nsa-level spying on your screen?
    I do admit that for one question, I googled a word because I didn't know how to spell it. It wound up being the wrong answer anyway.
  • ssgssg Boston
    tfunkin said:

    it's all honor system

  • Chrissie you should make sure not to talk about answers to questions that are still open on here in case Chris or I has yet to do them.
  • Anyhow, spelling doesn't count and googling anything is definitely cheating. And, yeah, it's all honor system. Your answers don't really count yet, but I would definitely not google anything until you've submitted.
  • Oh oops I didn't realize I slipped in the tongue. But otherwise I was trying to keep it vague.

    Okay so spelling doesn't count; the master will grade them by hand? I only looked up the spelling of one word thus far.
  • I promise I will not make any of those mistakes again.
  • ssgssg Boston
    chrissie said:

    Oh oops I didn't realize I slipped in the tongue.

    No, seriously, we really need subheadings.
  • Okay, a couple more questions/thoughts:

    1. Will it start showing my (low) scores on my profile, and track my best categories?
    2. I googled the address of this place and it's literally a few streets down from my sister's.
  • 0. spelling doesn't count and they mostly get graded by hand, yeah. (I think he filters correct answers so it doesn't take a zillion years but basically if it seems like you were aiming for the right thing you'll usually get it)

    1. you'll start seeing scores for the 1 days on your profile eventually, but they never count as part of your category stats -- those just come from the regular season questions (regular season starts the 25th)

    2. presumably she should creepily stalk him
  • 3. You should register as the name MoonLisa
  • 3. You should register as the name MoonLisa

    It made me register as HimesC.
  • I just checked the one days from yesterday (my first day) and I'm not listed?
    chrissieloafymilkshockerdr. tfunkin
  • where's the @blitztickle is a rudey mcrude thread?
  • chrissie said:

    I just checked the one days from yesterday (my first day) and I'm not listed?

    yeah, the one days you do before your first season show up, like, later.
  • I got 4 in before losing on Prague.
  • I did marginally ok in Wyoming, but none right in "interactive fiction" and "seccesionists".
  • is interactive fiction a LARP? ;)
  • i think so.. still confused tbh
  • FYI for the rest of the board on August 30th un:chrissie and un:melshocker go HEAD TO HEAD and ONLY ONE WILL EMERGE TRIUMPHANT. Unless they tie.

    Ooh and they play again sometime in late September.
  • WE R BOTH IN Rundle R Sugarloaf Div 2
    ssgdr. tfunkinchrissie
  • do u like my flag
  • where do i find this info??
  • I found a link that gave me these date for @melshocker -- 4, 23
  • my flag reminded me of j.crew
  • So far Wyoming is your high-water mark, Chrissie. 5th percentile!
  • that's bad! hahah
  • Eh, you know. I mostly don't do the one day specials if I don't think I'm going to get five or six right, which is frankly kind of wussing out on my part.
  • Wait does that 4 refer to the 4th day of tournament?
  • yeah. august 30th.
  • I actually did way better on some other ones:

    LL 1DS: Louis CK: 52 pts (6th %ile)

    LL 1DS: Dolls: 186 pts (32nd %ile)

    LL 1DS: Disney Parks: 91 pts (34th %ile)
  • The dolls questions were kinda creepy, eh?
  • Since the dolls is closed, I'm so annoyed I got #4 wrong. It's like "what German adult doll is Barbie based on?" and the answer is "Lilli" but I put "Lola." I was so close. Anyway, Lilli told raunchy jokes.
  • Don't mention ze var.
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