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Oh, I thought there was a thread already, but I can't find it.
My stepbrother's BF moved out of his house in a big rush & left most of his shit behind -- so he's purging a bunch of clothes and stuff & today hands me a Vox Wah pedal & Valve-Tone distortion box. Sweet. "Do you have any use for these?" Oh, please.. Peter Frampton guitar parts never sounded so nice.


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    heres the inside of my old synth
  • Guts. Guts are awesome.
  • Here's the guts (and outer shell) of an old toy I've had for a long time. Finally cleaned it up, bypassed some wonky switches, and put a 1/4" out on it.
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    hood_milk said:

    Here's the guts (and outer shell) of an old turd I've had for a long time. Finally cleaned it up

  • Here is a synth I've been building for the past while. From the front, sorry.
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    @tfunken do you want to buy a EAS Miss10 VCF/VCA from me for $120

    made with artisanal vintage japanese transistors
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    How about I steal that module from Garfield and sell it to tfunken for $60
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    I'm totally out of my league here, but I will say that Valve Tone pedal is probably going to fry my speaker real good.
  • That thing is beautiful but I already have two ms-20 style VCA/VCFs in the Borg II. But... I dunno, maybe in a few weeks if you still have it? I need the government to send me money first.
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    borg is based on the later MS20 design though. the MS10/early MS20 filter is way noisier and distortier its real weird.

    i have a MS10 VCO that's 90% built that I don't feel like finishing and some other crap too
  • I might need another filter. That Blue Lantern filter is kind of weird and hard to use and not that exciting. Or maybe it's broken?

    I need to build some stuff. I have a couple arduino-based things I really should do. Also, figuring out the time to do that is impossible.
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    Hey, I double posted, but caught it in time to edit it. Neat.
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    blue lantern is a piece of shit who steals other peoples work, cuts tons of corners, and uses the cheapest parts possible.
  • So I've learned.
  • if anyone can suggest a decent bass compressor that has a strong output then i'd love to hear about it.
  • I've been modding/bending pedals a lot lately. I have a pretty good build for a Boss DS-1, and a dope mod for the PH-2 phaser. Currently have an old Ibanez DL5 and a Daddy-o on my desk waiting for a mod.

    All of this is leading up to me saying that i am jealous as hell of those modular setups. I think i may get one of the PAIA synth kits soon once some of my other stuff sells.

    Is anyone here a noise artist that needs a circuit bent speak and spell (or speak and math, or speak and read?) I made a few of them and have them up around the internet, but nobody is biting just yet.
  • i have some things taking up space in my house. do you want to buy them?

    yamaha combo organ with key-wiggle-vibrato that is very cool

    tennessee hollow body fretless guitar - try your luck! i couldn't do much with it. i bought it from doug tuttle who warned me that he couldn't do much with it.

    cheap ibanez bass circa 2001, missing knobs.

    motu 828 mkII firewire interface
    alesis 8 channel mixer / mic pre-amp
    behringer ultrapatch pro
    these are all together in a rack-crate with a bunch of patch cables
    there's also another ultrapatch and a long snake cable for recording 8 channels in a different room
  • oh also i have a couple harmony archtop guitars that need serious work. i might attempt it myself but if you actually know what you're doing, i would just sell them to you. the patrician is a nice guitar. the other, not as much.
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    check out @Garfield sexy blog
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